Sunday, June 30, 2013


Allow me to introduce myself. I am Emily, a young lady with a small quiet exterior but a mind always humming with thoughts and ideas. I am the eldest in my homeschooling family, and there isn't anyone dearer to me than my siblings. They even have me filming short films with them during spare time. I love words, laughter, tea, books, dreaming, true friendship, reading, singing in the rain, baking, flowers, writing, old movies, chocolate-covered strawberries, and fine music, just to name a few. When I am not busy with schooling, books, and siblings you can find me writing my novel.

Welcome to my blog. I am very excited to start this undertaking. I have been very blessed from years of research, reading, and learning to acquire a great deal of unique knowledge. This knowledge covers many subjects from Sacred Scripture and theology to books and recipes. It would be my privilege to share this with you.

Here I will post of femininity, recipes, quotes, musings, books, faith, reviews, and whatever else my funny little mind can come up with. So pull up a chair and stay awhile. The tea is on, cookies are baking, and the strawberries are fresh. 


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