Monday, July 1, 2013

Roses in a Sea of Snow

I am biting the bullet and undertaking a highly controversial subject. Femininity. This is a matter of birth that society too often sweeps under the carpet. It is God's sacred design and the world's loathed enemy. How can we ignore it? Feminists swear that it will destroy a woman's freedom and her value in the world. But could it be the most noble and freeing call for a woman?

Allow me to give to you the most influential woman the world has ever known. Her choice altered history forever. Her name was Mary. At a young age her "yes" to an angel allowed the Redeemer to enter the world. Mary was chosen from all mankind for this special role in furthering the kingdom of God. She literally became the living tabernacle of the Most High. This was a role no man could fill. It was given to a humble, obedient young lady. This demonstrates how important a woman's role is in the divine plan.

God created women to be totally different than men. He did not create us this way in order to be inferior but in order to compliment men. Almost the way hot chocolate complements a snowy winter day. The snow in and of itself is lovely but cold and tiring (that is after hours of shoveling or sledding). Hot chocolate is delicious but without the cold in contrast it loses some of its charm. Together the snowy day becomes an exciting experience. Although men and women are vastly different from snow and chocolate they both compliment and complete the other.

Why do we fight our differences from men? Are we not losing the essence of what a woman is by trading in our roles as homemakers? Obviously in certain cases it might be necessary for a woman to don the attire of a workman for a time. But to pursue such a job needlessly in order to acquire the magical words "liberated" is to abandon God's will.

We are at a time in our culture where femininity is being attacked. And of course masculinity is under condemnation as well. We must follow God's divine will for us, especially now. Femininity is something special, a gift from God! It is something to be treasured, not throw away in misguided disgust. Instead of fighting it, embrace God's divine and perfect will for you!

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