Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweetest Charm of Female Excellence

Summer is a time of flip-flops, sunscreen, and swimming. Which presents a problem...modesty. Sigh. That topic that despite ourselves refuses to fade away. It is rather interesting to discuss the subject of modesty during the warmer months. A person's opinion of suitable attire will often change dramatically if it threatens their level of comfort. No one likes to feel hot and sticky. What a perfect excuse for shorts and swimsuits! Not really.

Look back a couple hundred years. American women survived many a sultry summer with dignity. Though lacking AC they wore their petticoats and long sleeves because they were ladies. And still we complain if wearing a skirt that covers the knee. A little perspective would do us all well. And what prompted them to maintain this high level of modesty throughout the days of wearisome labor? It must have been a matter of great importance to each of them.

Although dressing with dignity during the summer is uncommon, it is well received by many. Men especially respond differently to my sisters and I because of our dressing in a feminine manner. I recall on one occasion last summer, when a group of young women dressed in the typical modern American fashion were walking in front of my mother, sisters, and I. A man walked briskly past them, his expression sullen. Upon seeing my family and I in our long skirts, his whole face lit up. "Good morning, ladies." he said with a beaming smile and slight nod of head. His immediate response to femininity was to be a gentleman.

So how are we to go about dressing modestly during the summer? A lovely way to stay cool is to wear a skirt. It is a chic and feminine choice. As far as swimming is concerned athletic wear is a wonderful alternative. It can still look stylish while protecting your skin from the sun naturally. A good rule of thumb is never show more skin swimming than you would any other time.

Our manner of dress is a reflection of the state of our soul. What do your clothes say about you? Does your attire proclaim that you are a lady and a daughter of God? Or does it proclaim that your love lies in the world? Summer cannot be an excuse for immodesty and impurity of the heart. The Lord must reign in our lives during every season.
"Unaffected modesty is the sweetest charm of female excellence,
the richest gem in the diadem of their honor." -Noah Webster

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