Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My apologies

Alright, so first of all I want to apologize for my negligence in posting consistent articles. Life just kept throwing unexpected curve-balls my way and so this blog was put on the back burner. I've been struggling with discerning the course I ought to take now that my senior year is coming to a close. So between applying to colleges, the upcoming SAT, and tying up loose ends with school my mind has been pretty scattered lately. 

I believe that it is important to post articles that are thought provoking and promote the faith according to Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. And that is why I have been hesitant to post anything without putting the necessary thought and time into the subject matter. But now that the school year is nearly over I will finally be able to give this blog the attention it requires! So thank you all for your patience and I promise to do my utmost to write articles that are worth reading. I hope you guys are willing to come along for the ride!

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