Thursday, July 17, 2014

An open letter to feminists

Dear liberated women,

I am an eighteen year old who willingly wears skirts and firmly believes in the biblical model for womanhood and marriage. I don't do it because I am forced to, or because of indoctrination, or lack proper socialization and knowledge of the world. I do it because I am a woman, and I am both proud and happy to be just that.

For you the code of womanhood demands that I stand up by myself and for myself. You claim that I must live solely for my own benefit, and thus ought to make my own way in life. You want me to rise up against "injustice". Alright then. I'll rebel. I am rebelling against the cultural expectation that women must follow the cookie-cutter form, spoon fed to us by "liberated" women. Not the type of revolt you had in mind, is it?

I believe that the feminists are hypocritical to say that my body is my own, only so long as I use it to oppose tradition and men in general. If as you claim my body is my own, then why am I not free to dress as a woman? I am happy to be a woman and thus I naturally embrace my femininity. How can I be pro-woman if I dress and act like a man? What does that accomplish for you, but to destroy womanhood? It is blatantly clear that all feminism has accomplished is a loss of femininity. These angry women have turned into the very thing they once complained about. They have turned into the condescending, entitled male. Only now it's the female who gets all the privileges. So much for equality. But is that really what the feminists were looking for, equality? Or was it superiority? And in that case, aren't they just as bad if not worse than the superior white male? Just pull out the "I'm just a poor woman, trying to make it on my own and the whole universe is against me" card. That's totally fair and equal?

I am pro-women, but I am not anti-man. I believe that women should be treated with the utmost respect. Consequently, when a man holds the door for me, I take it as the compliment it was meant to be. Feminists have foolishly cast chivalry to the side. Dare I say, I fully intend to one day marry and become a man's help-meet. Radical, I know. But why should I give up my happiness for someone else's agenda?

And no, in case you've been wondering I was not brainwashed by an overbearing father. Quite the contrary, I have been blessed with a solid, classical education. I have been taught to think for myself. And that is the reason why I call into question the motives of the feminist movement. Women of today are blindly following the feminist movement simply because "this is how it's supposed to go". Maybe you ought to research a little before taking these 20th century women's words as gospel. Particularly Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. How can you follow a woman whose goal was to eradicate whole races? Just how is that equal? She was quoted as saying, "We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population". A pretty revealing statement.

Feminism has created a world full of discontented women pushing and shoving their men away for a place at the top. But who is happy with this lifestyle? I mean truly joyful and content. I for one refuse to give up a domestic life for something I don't believe in or want. I have not bound myself to live according to the philosophies of suffragettes. I live according to the dictates of my own conscience. So I would say I am without a doubt, the liberated one. I don't work to further a boss whose mission I don't believe in. I haven't sacrificed my family for the ability to say that I have "freedom". I live in harmony with the men in my life. I understand the full beauty of motherhood, and am content to have my family be my mission. Most especially, I understand the beauty of womanhood, and would not trade that for all the titles in the world.

A very content stay-at-home daughter

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