Saturday, January 30, 2016

Viral Photos Show Bride and Groom Surprising Grandma in the Hospital

Recently, a charming story celebrating life and family has gone viral.
It was Brian and Lauren Kurtulik’s wedding day. Rather than being absorbed by the festivities of the day, the couple began their married life together by bringing joy to Brian’s grandmother, who was stuck in the hospital, according to an article in Country Living.

It was on their wedding day when Peg McCormack slipped and hurt her ankle. The 91-year old grandmother was heartbroken when she was told that she couldn’t attend the wedding. She was already dressed for the occasion, with “her fancy shoes and corsage,” the photographer Rachel Nolan of Hello Gorgeous Photography explained. After being told that the couple might drop in the next day, she eagerly awaited their visit, the article states.
The couple decided to stop by the hospital before continuing on to the wedding venue. As the bride told The Huffington Post: “She was so excited to watch us get married. She was literally living for this wedding. So we brought the wedding to her.”

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